Luis Barragán, Light and colors of emotions.

25 de August de 2021

For Handen, Barragán (1902-1988) is a source of inspiration for his shapes and colors.

The poetry generated by these elements, added to the use of light, are of the utmost beauty and expression, and as he himself would say, they give life to an “architecture of emotions”, going beyond functionality.

Luis Barragán was a mexican engineer and architect, perhaps the most recognized one, who gave identity and voice to the architecture of that country.

After finishing his studies, he traveled to Europe, where he related to the work and ideas of the Bauhaus. Also there he met the french landscapist Bac, from whom he gets the taste for nature, which will be another key element in his works.

The green of the gardens, contrasting with the fuchsia, purple (inspired by the mexican flora), yellows and blues (earth and sky) colors of the walls and the water of the fountains, coexist in planes that unite the interior and the exterior as in a perfect painting. 

Another of his great inspirations in the beginning of his career was the Arab world,therefore Mediterranean/Spanish style, from where he took architectural resources as well as color use references. 

As for the light, he was remarkable. Natural, direct or indirect, reflected or filtered creates new lines and planes that change their intensity and direction as the day and night run, but above all, the emotions this generates in the people who inhabit those spaces. Serenity, dynamism and intimacy to name a few. 

Flat and pure walls with small gaps and openings, that invite the light from outside to give life to the inside, without asking permission.

This play of lights, glazes and transparencies is reminiscent of an opaque but translucent piece of porcelain, allowing the passage of light in a subtle and beautiful way.

Among his most outstanding works we can find: The Gilardi house, The chapel of the Capuccinas, the San Cristobal block, the Pedregal house and the Satellite Towers, as well as his House-studio. All extremely current today, due to the use of the elements that characterize them are trendy again… or rather, that always were and will be extremely modern and contemporary.

For all this, Barragán’s work generates great admiration in me, and the intention of transmitting with my pieces even a little bit of these sensations. 

To find out more, I recommend you two documentaries:


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